Self-help against viral infections: prevention and recovery

Video-tutorial worked out by Andrey Lobanov
About the Course

This course was worked out by Andrey Lobanov, a physician and yoga teacher from Russia, in April 2020, when pandemia started. This is an anti-COVID yoga program, which includes methods for preventing coronavirus and also for a quicker recovery, physical and psychological rehabilitation after it.

The program contains 10 video lessons with simple technics from classical yoga and original methods, worked out by Andrey Lobanov:

  • Breathing exercises for respiratory system and improving immunity;
  • Exercises for spine and thoracic cage mobility, which improves pulmonary system functions;
  • Relaxation and anti-stress technics for quiet and balanced emotional and mental state;
  • Powerful practice for accumulating vital energy;
  • Exercises for coping with hypodynamia and maintaining necessary level of physical activity.

This program has been used by thousands people in Russia and it has been showing very good results in preventing infection, increasing immunity, making recovery easier and lungs restoration quicker, releasing stress.

This program is free, and it is a cost-saving way to save your health and psychological balance, and to be able to help yourself.

Prevention is the best treatment! Start your practice now and stay healthy!

The Auther of the Course
Andrey Lobanov
A physician, yoga master with 45 years of experience,
yoga therapy and traditional health systems specialist,
the author of Yoga LAM-system - yoga of the modern world.

Andrey Lobanov about the course
The situation with the coronavirus has once again shown the importance of prevention, responsibility for your health and ability to maintain it yourself.

If you’re drowning, you’re on your own, and the experience of countries with lots of infected people confirms it: hot lines are silent, doctors are overworking, it is almost impossible to get help.

Of course, it is better to study prevention methods in advance, and not when the epidemic has already begun, but maybe for someone the coronavirus will become an incentive and push to take care of their health.

It became an incentive for us to actively share our knowledge and experience gained over 44 years of work in the field of human health and development, and we decided to launch a series of training videos “Self-help Against Viral Infections: Prevention and Recovery”. I introduce you to simple methods of prevention and recovery, which help to increase immunity and vitality, avoid diseases or cope with them on your own.

The coronavirus will pass, but knowledge and skills will remain! They are always relevant and useful to you and your loved ones at the right time.
Lesson 1.
How to Protect Yourself During Pandemic

How to protect yourself from infection during epidemics? Simple and available prevention methods at the physical and psycho-energetic levels.


  1. Brief theory about the structure of a human as a multidimensional system;
  2. How to activate the mechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing?
  3. How fear, aggression, expectation of trouble and other negative conditions affect the body’s defenses?


1. Techniques to control your mind: creating inner support and releasing worry, anxious and negative thoughts;

2. Cleansing breath — a breathing exercise that is useful during respiratory infections and flu epidemics, after contact with infected patients and being in rooms with an unfavorable environment, as well as during the recovery period after illness.

Lesson 2.
Correct breathing – Healthy Lungs
and High Immunity

90% of people, including many yogis, do not know how to breathe correctly. Their pulmonary system works far from 100%, which means that the body doesn’t receive enough oxygen and other necessary substances, and this leads to a decrease in immunity, diseases and premature aging.

Second lesson includes the following topics:

  • How the pulmonary system functions. Stages of breathing;
  • Why is it healthy to breathe slowly?
  • How to control the emotional state and mind with breathing?
  • Diaphragmatic breathing. How to tell if you are breathing incorrectly?
  • Techniques to help you feel and learn to control the diaphragm;
  • Full yogic breath: combining diaphragmatic, thoracic and clavicular breathing into a single breathing act.
Lesson 3.
How to Improve the Respiratory System?

Resistance to viral and respiratory diseases is highly dependent on the health of the respiratory system. Doctor and yoga master Andrey Lobanov says, how to strengthen it with the help of simple and proven practices.

In the third lesson you see dynamic pranayamas, which are studied at the initial stage of the “Yoga LAM” system.

These breathing exercises:

  • strengthen and develop the respiratory muscles, help to learn how to manage it;
  • increase the body’s defenses;
  • cleanse the body of toxins, and the mind and psyche — of negative thoughts and states;
  • are a simple and effective means of preventing diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and metabolic disorders.
  • help to master the full yogic breath and other more complex pranayamas.

The video tutorial gives their external form and internal mental work.

Lesson 4.
Breathing Exercises for Immunity Rising
Breathing exercises to increase immunity, strengthen lung tissue, chest and respiratory muscles, as well as free your mind and psyche from negative information, fears and anxiety are given in the 4th lesson of the course “Self-help Against Viral Infections: Prevention and Recovery” with doctor and yoga master Andrey Lobanov.
Lesson 5.
Kapakabhati Breathing – Pure Lungs and Clear Mind

In the 5th episode, Andrey Lobanov gives the technique of kapalabhati, a breathing practice that cleans the lower parts of lungs and perfectly prevent respiratory diseases. Kapalabhati also purifies and calms the mind, creates a clear state of awareness, which is especially important now.

Lesson content:

  • How to do kapalabhati correctly?
  • How many times should you do it?
  • Why shouldn’t you count inhales and exhales?
  • Features of body position during practice.
Lesson 6.
Bhastrika – Breathing to Burn Viruses

As you know, viruses don’t like warmth. We learn to keep warm using the bhastrika breathing technique (initial level), which also intensively ventilates the lungs, activates lung tissue, increases blood flow, which improves metabolic processes and increases local immunity.

The 6th lesson contents:

  • Bhastrika technique
  • Features of body position
  • How many times to do bhastrika
  • Controlling attention through breathing
  • General rules for performing pranayamas
  • What to do if you overdo it and build up excess heat.
Lesson 7.
How to cope with lack of movement
in self-isolation?

Self-isolation may slow down the spread of coronavirus, but it is definitely not good for our immunity. Lack of movement and fresh air against the background of spring vitamin deficiency translates into a lack of energy and low vitality.

How to cope with physical inactivity and maintain immunity within the “four walls” when there are no conditions for physical activity — no equipment, necessary space, and others?

Andrey Lobanov shares his secrets in the 7th lesson of “Self-help Against Viral Infections: Prevention and Recovery”.

Lesson 8.
Kriya Pranayama Complex, First Level

In the 8 lesson of “Self-help Against Viral Infections: Prevention and Recovery” Andrey Lobanov gives a set of breathing exercises to cleanse the respiratory system, calm the mind and nervous system, and examines some details of the practice:

  • How to sit correctly;
  • What are breath holdings for and what effect do they give;
  • Features of kapalabhati for men and women;
  • Why is it important to maintain a positive emotional background during practice and how to do it;
  • How to determine how many times to do a particular exercise.

The complex includes the following pranayamas:

  • Full yogic breath
  • Ida and Pingala Kapalabhati
  • Apalabhati
  • Kapalabhati
  • Bhastrika
  • Nadi Shodhana.
Lesson 9.
Pranic Breathing – a Powerful Therapeutic Practice

In the 9th lesson Andrey Lobanov introduces pranic breathing, a powerful therapeutic practice that activates the body’s hidden reserves, increases defenses, fills with energy, and harmonizes psychophysical structures.

Pranic breathing is effective for hypertension, oncology, respiratory and many other diseases.

This video tutorial introduces the first level of practice, which is applied precisely for therapeutic purposes.

Lesson content:

  • The principle of the effect of pranic breathing on the body
  • Stages of mastering pranic breathing. Features and nuances of breathing at each stage
Lesson 10.
Shavasana with Breath Observation

Self-isolation and the general information background, in which we now live, doesn’t contribute to a normal mental state. Many people experience depression, neuroses, and various diseases, especially those related to the cardiovascular system, are exacerbated against their background.

In the final 10th lesson of “Self-help Against Viral Infections: Prevention and Recovery”, Andrey Lobanov talks about a simple and effective yoga practice that will help you stay calm, and therefore healthy, in any difficult times!

Savasana with breath observation:

  • Balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems;
  • Is especially effective in hypertensive diseases — it relieves hypertensive crisis, normalizes blood pressure;
  • Calms and clarifies the mind;
  • Relieves mental stress;
  • Helps to learn to focus and manage attention.
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